torsdag 30 december 2010

Dee Ordinary

Dee Ordinary

The last fly pattern for this year is Dee Ordinary. The name comes from the Swedish pattern "Den Vanlige"- The Ordinary in english and Dee comes from that I did this version for fishing the River Dee in Scotland. I most say that this is one of my all time favourite patterns for coloured water and have given my lots of nice memories of the fishes I have caught on it.


Tube: Eumer Tear Drop Copper/ Clear Plastic Tubing

Wing: 2 strands of Golden Mylar Flash, a bunch Of Sunburst Yellow Fox Hair, 2 more Strands of Golden Mylar Flash, A Bunch of Dirty Orange Fox Hair, 2 Strands Of Orange Mirage Flash and 2 strands of Copper GlissN'Glow , a bunch of Fiery Brown Fox Hair, 2-4 strands of Peacook Mirror Flash and at last 2 Sunburst Yellow and 2 Hot Orange Coloured Peacook Hearls on top of the wing

Hackle: First: A Sunburst Yellow Soft Hackle tied in after the Yellow Fox. Second: A Fiery Brown Marabou Hackle tied in as a collar.

Sides: JC (optional)

Head: Eumer Copper Cone Head.

I also tie this pattern on hooks and then I use Copper Braid and Copper Dubbing as body material. For the head I use Orange Varnish.

So make some Dee Ordinarys for the next season and have Happy New Fishing and Tying Year!

torsdag 23 december 2010

the Flash Shadow

the Flash Shadow

I got the idea for this pattern after seeing Niklaus Bauers outstanding Pike flies and we had a talk abouth why not try to do some flash flies for Sea trout and Salmon. So I satt down by the vise and started to think how to get this two diffrent tying style combined as one and the result was the the Flash Shadow. I going to use the fly for Sea trout fishing in cold water and as a night fly for Salmon for the whole season. I also think it could work well after a heavy rain when the water rises and gets brown coloured.

Recipie for the pattern:

Tube: Eumer Clear Plastic Small/Large

Body: 1/2 Holo Braid Silver. 1/2 Silver Holo Dubbing

First Hackle/Wing: White Deer Hair. Black Polar Bear. Black and Silver Holo Flashabou.

Second Hackle/Wing: Black and Silver Holo Flashabou. 4-5 Peacook Herl.

Sides: JC (optional)

Head: Eumer Medium Cone Head Black.

How To Tie:

When you tie this pattern you use the same material for both wing and hackle and just lay the flash around the tube in small bunches. The flashabou should be tied in the middle and then folded back to form the wing/hackle.

Start tie in the Silver Holo Braid and wound it forward to the half body length and then take the Holo Silver Dubbing on the other part of the body and brusch it out well so the body gets some volume.

Take the White Deer Hair and tie it in muddler style and fold it backwards and secure it with a drop of glue. Then you take a small bunch of  Black Polar Bear and tie it in like a normal under wing so it will be a bit longer than the tube to prevent the flash to get tangled in the hook. Now comes the tricky part: Start with a small bunch of flashabou and tie it in over the polar bear and the you take small bunches and tie it round the tube. Wound the tying tread 2-3mm forward then fold the flash backwards and secure it with the tread and a drop of glue. Now the first part of the wing hackle is ready and you can start with wing/hackle number two.

Repeat the same procedure with a small bunch of flashabou on top then again tie in small bunches around the tube and wound the tread forward 2-3mm again and fold the flash backwards and secure it with the tread and glue. Now it's time to take the fly from the vise and cut it in the right shape. Put the fly back in the vise again and fasten the tread again. Tie in the Peacook Hearls on top of the wing.

Now wound a Black Marabou Hackle as a collar and the it's time for the JC feathers (optinal)

The fly is nearly ready now just secure the tread with a drop of glue and slide on the Eumer Medium Cone Head and the fly is ready for some action.

You can also take other patterns and make the as Flash tubes.

fredag 17 december 2010

Dark Highlander Zonker

Dark Highlander

The Dark Highlander i have done in diffrent shapes in the last few years but this one has become a favourite for autumn Sea trout here in the Swedish rivers. I also make the fly in a brighter version that fishes well in peaty water and cloudy days in clear waters.

Tube: Eumer Small Clear/Medium FL Orange
Body: Eumer Teardrop Tube Brass/Gold
First Hackle: Orange Ring Neck Pheasant
Wing: Olive Grizzly Rabbit Zonker
Flash: Orange Mirage Flash. Golden Mylar Flash
Front Hackel: Golden Olive Soft Hackle, Olive Wolly Bugger Mararbou.
Sides: Sili Legs Olive/Orange Tip
Huvud: Eumer Cone Heae
Sidor: JC (optinal)

At Fly Dressings home site theres a Step by Step how to tie this Pattern in Swedish.
Just Follow the link bellow:

tisdag 14 december 2010

The Banana Fly in TH Style

Banana Fly

My version of Micke Andersson great pattern the Banana Fly is a bit diffrent than the original. It have worked very well for me here in Sweden this summer and i also gonna give it a swimm in River Spey in Mars. I also tie this as a zonker fly that i got a couple of nice Sea trouts on it this autumn. The zonker version i will put up later on this blog.

On the bigger flies for early spring fishing i some times use Eumer Tear Drop tubes in Copper and i also use Marabou Hackle on them to get more movment in the cold water.

Tube: Eumer Fluo Orange

Body: 1/2 Electra Holo Braid Copper, 1/2 A Dubbing mix of yellow and orange

Wing: A bunch of Sunburst Yellow Hair, 2-4 starnds of Gliss'N'Glow Bronze, A bunch of Sunburst Yellow Hair, 4-6 Strands of Mylar Flash Gold, A Bunch of Golden Olive Hair, Some Strands of Gold and Copper Wing N' Flash, Then i Finnish The Wing With 3-5 Sunburst Yellow Peacook Hearls

Hackle: First Hackle: Sunburst Yellow Soft Hackle Tied In After the First Bunch Of Sunburst Hair, Second Hackle: Golden Olive Soft Hackle Tied in As A Collar After The Peacook Hearls, Third Hackle: A Yellow Ring Neck Pheasant.

Sides: J.C (Optional)

Head: Eumer Copper Cone or Monster Cone

So always have a Banana in your fly box because it's a very nice fly to look at and the fish loves them to ;)

Here's a link to Fly Dressings home site for a step by step instuction for this pattern:

tisdag 7 december 2010

Från Fluga Till Antispinn Möller Bil 11/12 i Uppsala

Vi syns på hos Möller Bil i Uppsala nu på lördagen den 11/12 mellan 11-16 där bla Vision och Flydressing finns på plats och visar sitt sortiment. Kom gärna och titta på de test vinnade Cult DH spöna och andra trevliga nyheter.

fredag 26 november 2010

Durham Ranger Zonker

Black Ranger Zonker

I have always liked the Ranger flys with there orange/black striped Pheasant Tippet feathers but the original pattern has a wing that i think move to little in the water. So when i got hold of some Tiger Barred Zonker stripes i discover that they will do perfect wings on thise old great patterns. After tying some diffrent Ranger patterns i got to favorites that just not looks good but fishes good to and tht's the Black Ranger and the Durham Ranger. First out is the Black Ranger that works in well on cloudy weather and in coloured water and i tie the both as tube flies and on hooks.

Tag: Oval Silver Tinsel X-small
Butt: Yellow Uni Strech
Ribb: Oval Silver Tinsel Small or Medium
Body: Black Dubbing
Hackle: A Heron or Ring Neck Pheasant Hackle Dyed Black (tie it like a collar before the zonker stripe)
Wing: Tiger Barred Orange/Black Zonker Stripe, Two or Three Strands of Orange Mirage Flashabou
Front Hackle: Blue Soft Hackle
Head: Black Cone Head or Black Varnish.
Cheeks: JC (if you want)
On the Tube version i use Orange/Black Barred Rubber Legs.

I'll use Black Tubing or a Eumer Teardrop Tube on my Black Rangers

In  a short time this fly have become a real killer and maybe it will do the same for you?

torsdag 18 november 2010

GP Zonk

Now it's winter here in Sweden and time to tie some flies for the next season.

My first fly pattern on this blog is the G.P Zonk. This fly is great for spring and autumn fishing for Sea trout in Scandinavia and it will also work well for Salmon and Steelhead to in peaty and humus coloured rivers all over the world. It a moderna version of the famous G.P (General Practioner) and i normaly tie it on tubes but it works as well on E.D hooks and double hooks to.

Tube: Eumer Fluo Orange

Tag: X-Small Oval Gold Tinsel

Tail: Hot Orange Soft Hackle, A bunh of Hot Orange Polar Bear, 2 Strands of Mirage Flash Orange.

Body: Fluo Orange Dubb

Ribb: Small Oval Gold Tinsel (Optinal)

Wing: Tiger Barred Rabbit Zonker Strip Orange, 2 Strands of Mirage Flash Orange

Front Hackle: Firts One Yellow Soft Hackle Tied In Before The Wing, Second A Hot Orange Soft Hackle Tied In As A Collar.

Legs: Barred Orange/Black

Head: Fluo Orange Eumer Cone Head or Fluo Orange Eumer Monster Cone.

Good luck with making this fly and be sure to hold on to your rod when you try it!