måndag 23 juli 2012

The Django Tube

The Django is what you can say a updated version of the Swedish fly pattern "Den Vanlige" (in english "The usual") that are a real killer fly in River Byske and many other rivers to. In the "original pattern theres a gold body, yellow, orange, fiery brown wing and a blue hackle but I have just borrowed the wing and hackle colors for The Django.

Pattern recipie:

Tube: Fl Blue Eumer Tubing

Body: First 1/2 Just the Fl Blue tube or Salt water Mirage Flash. Second 1/2 I use either Copper Dubbing, Copper Crystal Chenille or just a Copper Cone head (to add some weight to the fly)

Under Wing: Yellow and Hot Orange Bucktail tied in forward and then folded backwards. 2 strands of Copper Flashabou.

Over Wing: Fiery Brown Fox tied in forward and folded backward.

Hackle: First a Hot Orange Soft Hackle tied in After the Under wing. Second a Blue Soft Hackle tied in as a collar after the fox hair.

Sides: Two Yellow/Orange Barred Rubber Legs tied in on each side

Cheeks: JC

Head: Copper Eumer Monster Cone or a Eumer Copper Cone.

I also tie this fly in a Zonker version and then I just change the fox hair againts a Fiery Brown Zonker Stripe.

onsdag 11 juli 2012

Skagit Girl

A short video when my 12 year old daughter Angelica doing a C-Spey with here Vision Cult 12,6 #6 rod. Bubblan the Ghillie dog is also pleased with her little masters casting.

måndag 9 juli 2012

2 days in River Lögde

My Daughter Angelica and I stuffed our car with fishing gear and went for a two hour drive north up to River Lögde. The fishing there have been realy good but we arrived with the warm weather and the river temp was up to19c.
We fished on late thursday evening and on friday we went to the beach insted of fishing. Started fishing again on friday evening around 21:00 and saw some fish but no bites, just moquito bites. On saturday morning we packed our car and went home.