söndag 7 april 2013

Swedish Sport Fishing Fair 2013

Had a great time at the Swedish Sport Fishing Fair with my buddies Nicklaus Bauer, Peter Bratt, Nicklas Holmér, Daniel "the beard" Bergman, Steffen "mr Pink" Jensen, Emma, Maria and Mattias Drugge from Vision/Fly-Dressing. We also won the prize for best stand with a cosy living room full of are new products were the visitors could sit down and have rest and talk fly fishing products!

On friday there was a new visitor record and we had much to do in the Vision stand. I had many people visiting my tying table and it was fun to show them my tying technic.

Saturday was just crazy with a full house from the gates opened up and we had a great time meet and greet fishermens and womes from all over the country.

I had to go home on sunday morning because my health is not the best but I think it will be a good day and hopefully a new visitor record for sunday also!

Most also say thanks to Bosse from Catch & Relax and Anders and the kids from the the school in Älvdalen for doing a great job! Also a big thanks to Marcus from Hökensås for the Tidaholms punsch!