söndag 25 mars 2012

The Swedish Sport Fishing Fair 2012

The Vision/Eumer/Fly Dressing Team had a great weekend at the fair in Kista. It was fun to meet and greet with fishing friends and other fly fisher! A big thanks also to the students from Älvdalen, Pastorn, Åre och Tobbe that did a very good work in the monter!

fredag 16 mars 2012

Spring fishing in River Spey 2012

Started up the season in the best possible way at Delfur beat in River Spey. It was nice to meet Mark, Grant and the other Ghillies over a cup of coffe in the hut. After a while Malcolm, Graham and the other fishers arrived and then Mark took Alex and me up to Two Stones pool and I made the first cast of the season. Fished down the pool and had one strike on the fly. We the changed pool two times before lunch but no fish for us. After lunch we went to Broom pool and there Alex hooked a 9lbs Sea trout and thats a realy big fish for the Spey. Just after that I caught two kelts in 20 minutes but no Springer! We tried the Collie pool with no result before we quit the fishing for the day.

Day 2:
The second day Alex and I was going to fish the Rothes beat were Alex took a springer a couple of weeks ago. Whe we arrived at the hut the ghillies Mike and Robbies was making us a cup of coffe. Alex and I started to fish below the hut and after 30 minutes fishing I'll had a strike on the fly. Now the wind started to realy pick up and it was difficult to get the line out in the storm. The fish did not like the cold storm any more than we fishermens did so nothing caught in the afternoon.

Day 3:
Again at Rothes I got the Long pool and Town road this morning. After a fishing awhile in Long pool I had fish on! After a nice fight with a strong fish it came off just before neting it! I hade the fish just outside me a couple of time and by the shape of it I could say it was a springer in the weight of 10-11lbs. Then I tryed the Town road pool and there I got a nice kelt after just some casts. We went down long pool again this time i hooked up a bracnh i tought but after some tricks to getthe fly free the "branch" started to swim thorwards me and Alex that have gone down strem to try to loosen my fly see a real big silver fish over 20lbs when it started to fight to get free. The fish started to swimm right up the river so I had no chance to keep the line tight so it come of and need I say that i was realy disipointed abouth that! Fished some more before it was time for lunch in the hut with no result. After lunch Alex had a pull but I did not feel anything.

Day 4:
Back to Delfur again were I meet up with to other Swedes, Hadi and Kent Håkansson from the River Em that was there for a days fishing. Willie dnd I got to start fish the neck of Sourden andd soon I caught another kelt in nice condition. We did see some what ee think was fresh fish but we did not hook up with any of them just had two nice pulls on the fly! After lunch we got bridge pool and broom but no it was a real storm blowing so it was difficu just to stand still and the fish did not like the wind either so we had no offers in the afternoon at all. It was nice to meet Kent and Hadi at Delfur and talk some Swedish for a change when you fish in Scotland.

Day 5:
At saturday Alex and I was back to fish Rothes again for my last day in Spey for this time. We started up in Town road pool but no offers in there so we went down to Long pool were Graham Ritche caught one kelt in the morning but I did not come in contact with any fish at all. After lunch we fished the pools below the hut and the wind did realy pick up again so at 16:00 we quit for the day with out any strikes on the fly.

I want to say a big thanks to Alex and Willie for putting up with me for the whole week! And thanks also to Mark and Grant at Delfur and Mike and Robbie at Rothes.