onsdag 24 augusti 2011

New Vision Coma "Plus" Reel

The New Vision Coma "Plus" Reel is now avalible in two size 5-6 and 7-8. It's a upgrade version of the classic Coma work horse with a machined spool for better fitting, new designed reel foot and new drag adjustment knob. There also some other new parts that will make the reel preform and look better.
Take a look at the reel at your local Vision Dealer.

Nu har Vision förbättrat en redan bra rulle, till att bli ännu bättre. Rullhuset är som på den "gamla" rullen gjuten, men spolen tillverkas nu av svarvat aluminium, vilket ger en bättre stabilitet och prescision. Dessutom är bromsreglage, rullfot och lite andra smådetaljer utbytta mot komponenter av bättre hållbarhet och snyggare design. Rullen rinns i 2 klasser; 5-6 och 7-8.

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söndag 21 augusti 2011

Flat Heads

Flat Heads

The Flat Head flies are made for night fishing for Baltic Sea trout but the will sure work for other species to and also for fishing in daylight. I have used Sheep Fleece for the Muddler style head and it makes the fly "hoover" in the water and it will keep its shape in the water and make a great siluette so the fish can see the fly in the dark. The wing is made of zonker strips with a loop of Fire Line that I have used a needle to fasten it trough the skin on the zonker strip and then put on the trailer hook so it hangs in the back of the wing. It can be a bit tricky at first but with some practise it will get easier each time. When I tie this pattern on tubes I don't use the Fire Line insted I tie in a short piece of plastic tube in the back of the zonker strip so I can get the hook to hang in the back of the wing just like on the one Waddington fly with fire line.

Pattern recipe: Black/Orange version

Waddington Shank or Black Eumer Plastic Tube Small

20mm Fire Line to fasten the hook with.

Tread: Black

Butt: FL Orange Chenille. Then a Black Whiting Soft Hackle tied in collar style.

Legs: Two pairs of Rubber Legs. The first pair tied in after the Chenille and the second pair after the Soft hackle.

Wing: Black Zonker Strip (Rabbit or Opposum)

Hackle: A second Black Soft Hackle from Whiting

Head: Sheep Fleece tied in Muddler Style.

Eyes: Orange Epoxy Eyes glued in place.

Heres some pics of how I tie in the tube that holds the hook on the tubefly version

This picture show how I tie in the tube to fasten the hook

Secured with super glue and ready to tie in on the body tube

söndag 14 augusti 2011

The Down Stream C Spey Cast

A great cast to use when the wind blows down stream and if you have room for the D loop. It's a easy cast to learn and it's very good to use in windy conditions.

fredag 12 augusti 2011

Gaula day 4

Yesterday I had the alarm on 05.00 and jumped in the car to go up to Singsås and the Eumer boys. The water had droped 10cm from the night before and we were hoping to catch some fresh fish in the pools. I fished the pool and heard a nice splash from a salmon but did not see it. Anyway it,s nice to know that there are at least one fish in the pool. Olli was going to do a show in Elverum and I drived him to there apartment and went home for some lunch and rest. In the evening I started to fish the Stören vald again and the water was a bite high but fishabel. Fished to 24.00 and had no contact with any fish.
It's not just the fish that counts.

Ville fishing at Singsås

The flue zone at Stören vald

The Flue zone upstream.

onsdag 10 augusti 2011

Gaula at Singsås - Day 3

Today I was further up the river fishing with the Eumer staff in Singsås. The water was very high but short parts of the beat was fishable but the water temp had gone down from 16c to 11c and we did not see or feel any fish so I got home to have some dinner and had a nice evening with my family. Tomorrow morning I will go up to Singsås to fish with Eumer boys again and it looks like the water is going down fast now so maybe there will be some Atlantic Silver biting our flies tomorrow.
Olli "Mr Magic" Ojamo in action!

The Lords of Tube Flies

Last night I was visiting the Eumer Team with Olli and Jako Ojamo that also is fishing Gaula this week. We hade a great evening and made many diffrent fly patterns and changed a lot of ideas abouth tube flies.
The fly tying table

Olli Taking some pics of the flies

tisdag 9 augusti 2011

Gaula day 2

Angelica is fishing River Gaula in Norway

Day number two Started and ended with heavy rain so the River had rised four time the size from the night before but it was still fishable. On the mid day the sun broke trough the clouds and the water level started to drop a bit so my daughter Angelica and I put on our waders and went down for some fishing. The water have started to clear up and two of the pools looked to be fishable even the high flood. We fished acouple of hours before heading home again without a bite or even seeing any fish. Bur we had a great time and a lots of laughs and that whats realy counts in my world of fishing.

Right now it's coffe time and then I will jump in my waders and go down to Gaula for an hour or two in the rain. Tonight I will go up to Singsås for some fly tying and fishing with the Ojamo brothers from Eumer.

Gaula at Stören

E6 bridge in Stören

måndag 8 augusti 2011

First day in River Gaula

After a 5 hours drive from my home in Sweden I arrived to Stören in Norway to fish the Gaula river. Bought the fishing license and desifected my gear and  had a bite to eat and a beer. Had no hurry down to the river so i just took i easy and enjoying the beautiful landscape here in the Gaula valley. Tackled up my rods and my first choice was Vision "Cult" 13,4#7 with a floater on the reel. A light rain started to fall and it started to get a bit dark so my first choice of fly was a Black & Blue Tube Fly. The water level looked good and the temp was 16C in the river. There were no one in the pool when I came down to the river so I could walk right out and start my fishing. After abouth 7 or 8 cast I had a strike on the fly but nothing so I took some steps down and casted out again and mended the line upstream and let the fly move a bit slower over the deeper part of the pool and just when the fly picked up some speed... Fish On! Had a very nice fight on my #7 rod but played the fish hard. After a while the fish got tierd and I could land a 5kg (10lbs)  male Salmon. That was a good start one my week here in Gaula.
A good combination: Black & Blue, Vision "GT" Reel and Dee Dram

onsdag 3 augusti 2011

Skagit Casting with Vision Cult 13,4 #7

Made this movie when fishing and Skagit Casting in River Ljungan in July. It was a perfect morning with no winds to talk abouth and I had my Play Sport cam on a tripod recording when i passed it. The rod in using is Vision "Cult" 13,4 #7 with a Vision Tip line Belly that weights around 430grain with a 15" Sink 8 Tip and on the leader theres a Zonker Fly with a Eumer Monster Cone.

Vision "Cult" rods comes from 12,6 #6 to 14,7 #9 and they are just wonderful to cast Skagit Style with. My "all round" choice would be the 13,4#7 backed up with 12,6#6 for smaller rivers and low water conditions and 13,8 #9 for bigger rivers and the heavy T14 and T17 Tips. These rods also works great with Scandinavian Shooting heads and Spey lines to i would like to add.