torsdag 21 februari 2013

SBS on Red and Purple Bucktruder

After many questions how I tie the Bucktruder flies I have made a quick SBS just using my Iphone camera. You can tie the Bucktruders both diffrent tubes or shanks and if you want a heavier fly use Real Eyes to gain some weight!

Material list for the Red & Purple tube version:

Tube: Red Eumer Large/Small combo

Body: First half Miragé Saltwater Flash. Second half Purple Dubbing

First Wing: Red Bucktail, 2 strands each of Red and Purple Crystal Flash.

Second Wing: FL Red and Purple Bucktail

Hackle: Purple Schlappen Short

Topping: Red Amherst Pheasant

Eyes: Red JC

Head: Eumer Fl Red Monster Cone

söndag 3 februari 2013

Bucktruder... Back in Bucktail!


This pattern is a mix between a classic bucktail tube/waddington and a Intruder style of fly that I have mixed toghter and they are not so difficult to tie either. Have been fishing round tyed bucktails on Eumer Tear Drop Tubes for some years now and have had very good results on this style of flies. The secret to get the flies to realy move is to use the soft tips of the bucktail and not the stiffer hair further down on the tail, they suit better for big Pike flies. To get the right volym I always tie in the hair facing forward then fold it backwards. When doing this the fly will gain volym and the wing will not be laying flat againts the tube or shank and this will make the fly looks like it "fly's" trough the water and hold the volume both in slow and fast currents! This pattern will also be featured in one episode of Tie TV later this year but then in a Silver Wilkinson version so keep your eyes open!

I tie this flies on plastic, different weighted tubes and waddington shanks with a trailer hook to get an articulated fly.

Pattern recepie: WGW (Willy Gunns Wife)

Trailer Hook: Strike Wire 0.41mm or other braided line of your choice!

Body: 1/2 Silver Flat Braid 1/2 Silver Dubbing in a dubbing loop.

Wing: Under wing: Yellow and Hot Orange Bucktail tied in around the tube or shank (tied in facing forward then folded back) 2-3 strands of Pink Mirror Flash.
Over wing: Hot Pink or Fuchsia Bucktail tied in the same way as the under wing.
(I divide the wing into to two parts as it can be difficult to fold back the wing if there to much to tie in at once)

Hackle: Hot Pink or Fuchsia Schlappen or Soft Hackle tied in as a collar.

Topping: 6 to 10 Yellow dyed Amherst Pheasant fibers tied in around the fly.

Eyes: Yellow JC feathers or if you want a heavier fly use dumbshell eyes

Head: Silver Monster Cone on the tube version and Fl Pink 8/0 Textreme tread on the Waddington version.

It's easy to "translate" other patterns to a Bucktruder, just change the colours in the recipe to the colours of your favourite fly!

Olive Highlander on Eumer tube