måndag 14 maj 2012

Skagit for Sea trout

Had my first fresh Sea trout for this season in my home river Ljungan on the 8th of april. It took on a Bucktail Willie Gunn tied on a Eumer Tear Drop Tube. You will see the fly in the end of the film. Had been fishing since for and recording with my GoPro camera so when I was going to land the fish the camera shut it self down because of low power. Did try to start it again but I only got some short clips when realeasing the fish and of the fly before it shut it self again. The fish was around 70cm and it gave me a hell of a fight and was airbourne 5-6 times so it was a real nice fight. I had my Vision Siks 13,4 7wt rod with a ACE Skagit 490gr T-14 12,5F and the water temp was 6,4C. After releasing the fish a sat down and had a cup of coffe and changed the leader. Put on the same fly again and out in the river and got a good take at the same spot as the first one but after 30sec the fish came off and then I changed fly but no more fish contact.

tisdag 8 maj 2012

Squidtruders... Realy Kinky Rubber Flies

I have been mixing some diffrent style of flies like MAD Dragons, diffrent Intruders and Scott Howells Squidros to ended up with the Squidtruder. It took me awhile to get the flies to look and swim as I wanted them to do but after some times test fishing they was swimming just the way I wanted them to do. I have fished them hard in many Swedish Rivers like Ljungan, Lainio and Mörrum last season and they realy deliverd and both the Salmons and Sea trouts loved them. I tie the Squidtruders on both Waddington shanks and Plastic tubes and both versions catch fish. On the Tube version I use Eumer Monster Cones to get some extra movment and volym to the fly. I fish these flies mainly on the swing but also let them free drift sometimes.

You can convert many of your own favorite patters to this kind of flies. Lets say I will do a version of EM Silver I will use a yellow butt, green hair and green Sili Legs. Then Silver Dubbing followed buy orange hair and orange Sili Legs and the a blue hackle. Or else its fun just to use the colours you like and mix the together to something that you believe the fish will bite.

How to tie this babies:

Waddington Shank 20-25mm

Tube: Eumer Plastic in Large/Small Combo in the colour you prefer.

Butt: Chenille or Cactus Chenille in the colour you want.

When tying on Waddington:
Then tie in a loop of braid or other suiteble line to put the trailer hook on.

First Wing/Hackle: A bunch of Fox Hair in the colour you want spun in a dubbing loop. Take 7-10 Sili Legs and fold the on the middle and cut them in two equal bunches. Tie in the first bunch on top then rotate the vice and tie in the second bunch. Trim the ends with a scissor.

Body: Make a dubbing loop and put the dubbing material in the colour you want in the loop and spin the tread. Wound the ready loop around the shank or tube but besure to leave enough room for the second Wing/Hackle and the real eye dumb shell.

Second Wing/Hackle: Do just the same as the first and use what colours you like.

Dumb shell eyes: Tie in the eyes under the shank if using waddinton. Leave them out on the tubes and use a Monster Cone insted.

Antennas: 2 Barred Rubber Legs tied in on the middle on the side of the shank so they end around 30-40mm infront of the fly.

Hackle: Use a Soft hackle or Schlappen and tie it in as a collar over the rubber legs to you reach the eyes. Secure the tread with a drop Super glue.

Now the Waddington is ready and if you tie them on Tube you put on JC feathers on each side after the hackle and secure the tread with a drop of Super Glue and slide on a Monster Cone.

Now the fly is ready to catch fish!

This kind of flies have become realy popular here in Sweden now and much because of the last years Skagit Boom that have made it possible to fish them the right way so you don't need to chuck and duck!

söndag 6 maj 2012

Sea trout Fishing in River Indal

At 18:00 I picked up my fishing buddie Robin "Åre" Wretström for some Sea trout fishing in Bergeforsen River Indal.
The fishing is devided in 3 beats just below a Hydro plant just a couple of kilometers from the sea. We got are rod tickets and Robin showed me the hotspots in the pool that we were going to fish and we tackled up are Vision Siks and Cult rods with Ace Skagit T-14 tipp and tied are first choice of flies and started to fish. Robin is a very good fly tyer and his Rubber Leg Bugs works realy well in Bergeforsen so I tied some copies of his pattern earlier in the week that I was keen to try. After a couple of hours with out any fish contact I had two pulls on my fly but that was it. So we desided to take a break to and warm our self in the fishing hut and wait for the sunrise to fish the last hours of are tickets that ended at 07:00 in the morning. At 04:00 the light came back and with -1c it was not easy to change tippet and fly and also the wind had picked up so I can say it was a wee bit cold. Fished one pool again and then we went up to fish another pool were Robin have had great sucsses somedays earlier in the week. Did some casts but snagged the fly and lost it so I changed to small orange rubber legged bug and two cast later I had the first fish on! It ws a small but gave me a fun fight anyway and after awhile I could C&R a fresh from the sea fish around 2lbs. We changed place and 5min later Robin had a fish on but it came of. Them changed pool again but had no more fish contact so at 06:30 we called it for the day. Even if it was cold, bad wind not the best fishing we had a great time by the river.