onsdag 30 november 2011

The International Fly Tying Symposium in Somerset NJ 19-20/11

At 05.15 in the morning five tierd swedes meet at Bromma airport and before we could check in a laugage we sat down and had some breakfast. It was Ulf Hagström, Niklaus Bauer, Niklas Dahlin, Nick Runarsson and my self that was going to fly to Bryssel and change flight there to USA. After a long flight over the Atlantic ocean we landed at Newark airport just outside New York and went by cab to the Double Tree Hotel in Somerset that was the place for the Fly Tying Show. After settling in in are rooms we went to the bar for some refreshments but all of us were very tierd after the trip so we called it a early night. Another swede Jan Edman arrived during the night and the next morning we went to New York to do some shopping for are wifes, kids, pets and some things for our selfs to. Our main goal on Manhattan was a visit at the Urban Anglers store and The Orvis store and there I bought some magazines and t-shirts. When we came back to the hotel we all went to look at the ballroom were the show was held and found are places in the Swedish corner. We also meet up with Johan Klingberg, Patrick Johansson, Martin Ågnell och Håkan Karsnäser that had travled from Gothenburg on friday morning.

Red Nick and Just Nick!
Ulf "Lång" Hagström and Big Nick!

After a big breakfast we started to put up are tying wises and all materials and at 09.00 the doors opend up for the crowd. There always a lot of visitors at the swedish corner and they showed a big intrest for our flies and tying technic. The first day went by in a hurry and I took some minutes to visit some of my american friends that were tying on the show. At 5 a clock the doors were shut and everybody of the swedes was very pleased with the first day and after some refreshments in the bar we all went to the banquet to eat, drink and listen to Johan Klingberg.

A piece of Sweden

The Swedish table.

The second day was also good but not so many visitors as on saturday so I also took some time to walk around to meet and watch some other tyers at the show. Many of them I know from Facbook and it was a pleasure to meet them in real life. I also did some fly swaps and got some real nice patterns from Ben Furimsky and Allen Landheer. There very so many good tiers there so I had no chance to talk and watch them all but I got my self loads of insperation for new patterns that I will tie this winter.
In the Ballroom.
My bench
Mr Allen Landheer

At last I would like to thank like to thank Johan Klinberg and Niklas Dahlin for making this trip possible and also to all the other swedish tyers. Also a big thanks to Chuck Furimsky and his family and all other tyers from the states and rest of the world making this trip a sucsses.

lördag 26 november 2011

Opening day in River Ljungan 16/11 2011

After the month long spawning break River Ljungan opend up for fishing after the winter run Sea trouts. The weather was fine with +2C in the air and +6C in the water so the conditions to catch some fish was good. I meet my Friends Mattias and dick down by the river and after some coffe and talking we started fishing. Had fished half the pool when I had a desent pull on the fly but nothing more so I carried on swinging my Orange Rubber legged Intruder down the pool. Nearly at the end of the pool I hooked the first fish of the day and even if it not was the biggest fish it realy gave me a good fight and got my adrenaline flowing. The 3lbs fish was fresh from the sea and after putting the small chrome rocket back in the river I went to celebrate my catch with cup of coffe. Just as I come back to my backpack Dick had his first fish on and after a short fight he could land a small fish to. Then we fished for abouth 3 hours and had some strikes on our flies but non of the fishes wanted to play... Even if not the fishing was the best we had a great time on the banks of Ljungan and thanks to Mattias and Dick for the company.

Dick Högström plays a chromer
Mattias Karlsson in action