måndag 19 december 2011

What the hell is Skagit?

We made this movie to explane what Skagit casting is mainly for scandinavians that heard abouth this way to cast and fish but it will sure work for the rest of the world also... Enjoy!

fredag 9 december 2011

New York City Urban Fishing

Bauer with his Vision Big Daddy 8,6 in NYC

After the show in Somerset NJ Niklaus Bauer and I had decided to do some fishing before we had to fly back to Sweden again. So why not do some flyfishing down town Manhattan? We booked a guide on the internet and was going to meet him on monday afternoon at North Cove Yatch Harbour. I can say that is was a strange feeling tackling up our Vision rods with the Manhattan skyscrapers in the background when your normaly is use to fish out in the wilderness. At apointed time Capt Joe Shastay arrived with his boat and we jumped on board and headed out on the Hudson River.

Me and a big green lady
Niklaus Bauer with his first Stripped Bass.

We tied on some Sheep Fleece head patterns and started to fish the first hot spot and after just some minutes I had the first strike on the fly but it wouldn't stay on. Shortly after that Mr Bauer caught his first Striper ever on one of his own approven Pike patterns that seams to attract diffrent fish species all over the world. We then left to try some other of the Capt hot spot and soon we where both playing fish in the size around 4-7lbs (1,5-3kg) The bigger ones gave us both some nice fights on our eight weight rods and just playing fish with the Manhattan sky line in the background was one of the coolest things I ever had done. After three hours fishing the sun went down and it startted to get dark on the Hudson Bay but the fishing was getting better and the fishes bigger. After nearly eight hours of fishing we called for the day and went back to the marina and I can tell it was with big smiles on our faces. Totaly we caught 16 stripers and had contact with 50-60 fishes so I was very satisfied with the fishing and also with our Guide Capt Joe Shastay that realy had made our fishing trip in New York a total sucsses even that we did not catch the big ones, this time anyway.
Me with a  Striper

Bauer and striper.

Vision in NYC

Manhattan sky line

So if your going to New York and want to do something diffrent than the other tourist do and see New York from the water? Contact Capt Joe Shastay on http://www.nyharborfishing.com/

onsdag 7 december 2011

Från Fluga till Antispinn Möller Bil Uppsala 10/12-2011

On saturday 10/12 it's time again for "Från Fluga till Antispinn" at Möller Bil in Uppsala Sweden. The show opens 11.00 to 16.00 and there will be loads of activites for both young and old people.

Vision and Fly Dressing will be there to show the New Siks rods and other news for 2012.

In the Flytying Corner will names like Niklaus Bauer, Ulf Hagström, the young girl Emma and many more show you how to tie the best flies. I'm going to have my own tying corner by the Vision monter and if you are going there come and talk some flies and Vision gear with me.

Ace Skagit Head and Siks... a perfect combo!

I got my hands on the New Vision Siks 13,4#7 and 490grin Ace Skagit head in october and it was love at first sight or should I say cast! The medium action rod with the line was so easy to cast with and could throw out from small micro tubes on a intermediate tip to a big fat Intruder on a T-17 tip and it is just a #7 rod we are talking abouth. So my first tought was that this combo will be my first choice for nearly all fishing situation this season to come. Of course I will use both shorter rods and sometimes longer rods when needed but I still will have the 13,4 with me all the time. The name Siks comes from that the rods are just a 6 piece rod so it will be easy to take with you when traveling and with both the 13,4 and 15,2 in my trunk I don't need to pay any extra money when I go to Scotland and River Spey in march and saving some money I can buy a nice bottle of Spey side whisky insted.