måndag 23 januari 2012

Cascades for River Spey... and all other rivers! Part 1

Now it's high time for fly tying and filling up the flyboxes for the comming season. Been busy tying Cascade flies for my friends in Scotland and also for my self to fish with in River Spey and Dee in March. But these long tailed flies does not only work in Scotland so I will use them in many diffrent rivers this season here in Scandinavia. I prefer to use Bucktail insted of Fox hair for the tail because it don't tangle up in the hook. I also use Zonker stripes as wings for my Cascades because the give the fly a bit more life and volym in the water. On the most of my flies without a body hackle I don't use oval Tinsel or any other materails as rib. Insted I use diffrent Braid materials that I secure to the tube with a small drop of suoer glue and for the dubbing material I always use a dubbing loop to secure the the material. This makes my flies more durable and will not be destroyed after the first fish caught

First out is the Sir Alex Cascade.

Tube: Fl Yellow Eumer Large/Small combo

Tread: Yellow

Tail: Yellow Bucktail with 4 strands of Holo Yellow Flashabou.

Body: 1/2 Silver Holo Braid 1/2 Yellow Dubbing

Hackle: First Hackle a Yellow Soft Hackle (tied in before the zonker stripe). Second Hackle a Yellow Grizzly Soft Hackle (tied in after the wing as a collar).

Wing: Yellow/Black Grizzly Zonker Stripe.

Cheeks: JC feathers dyed Hot Orange

Head: Black Eumer Cone Head

The second Pattern is The WM Cascade.

Tube: Fl Green Eumer Large/Small combo

Tread: Fl Green Textreme

Tail: First a bunch of Fl Chartreuse Bucktail, Second a bunch of White Bucktail with 4 starnds of Mirage Flash on top.

Body: 1/2 Holo Silver Braid 1/2 Devided in 2 parts: First Silver Dubbing and Second Green Dubbing.

Hackle: First Hackle a Fl Chartreuse Soft Hackle (tied in before the wing) Second Hackle a Kings Fisher Blue Soft Hackle (tied in after the wing as a collar) 2 strands of Silver Crystal Flash on top.

Wing: White/Blue with Black stripes Rabbit Zonker Stripe.

Cheeks: JC dyed Fl Chartreuse

Head: White Eumer Cone Head

In the next part of Cascades for Spey I will show two other patterns to try on the Spring Salmons.

måndag 9 januari 2012

EM Silver Zonker

My first fly pattern for 2012 is this zonker version of the old Swedish Pattern EM silver. A realy good spring pattern for Salmon and Sea trout here in Sweden. Many big fishes have been caught over the years on this pattern.¨

Tube: Eumer Fl Yellow Tubing

Body: 1/2 Silver Holo Braid, 1/2 Silver Dubbing in a dubbing loop (I mix Clear SLF, White Seal and Silver WingN'Flash)

Ribb: Oval Silver Tinsel (Optional if you use a dubbing loop)

Wing: Orange Rabbit Zonker Stripe with 4 strands of Holo Green Flashabou on top.

Hackle: First Hackle (tied in before the wing) Higlander Green Soft Hackle, Second Hackle (tied in as a collar after the zonker stripe) Kingfisher Blue Soft Hackle

Cheeks: Dyed Green JC (optional)

Head: Eumer Silver Cone Head or Monster Cone