måndag 28 februari 2011

Capricorns Mini Mässa 26/2

My Table

On saturday Capricorn Fly Fishing in Borlänge Sweden had a "Mini Fair" at Kvarnsvedens Folketshus with some of the best Swedish fly tyers and leading tackle companies in the house. Many fly fishers visited the fair and took the chance to talk abouth fishing , fly tying, tackle and also look at some fishing movies. 

Pike Fly Maestro Niklaus Bauer from Vision/Fly Dressing.

 Mattias Drugge from Vision

Vision Rods

Some of my flies

Niklas Dahlin

Johan Klingberg

Claes Johansson, Ronny Eriksson och Johan Klingberg

Micke Lindström

måndag 21 februari 2011

Burnt Orange GP Zonk

Burnt Orange GP Zonker

When I started tying this pattern a couple of years ago I wanted to create a darker version of my other GP zonker that I publiced in november 2010. This version was made as a all round pattern for use in the humus coloured rivers here in Sweden. The burnt orange is a good colour for many rivers here in Sweden and in coloured waters in other parts of the world. On this pattern I have started to use a Magic Head from Marc Petitjean and I cut off a bit so I can slide it on the tube before the first hackle just to get some extra volym. The Magic Head also makes the fly move in a very special way that i think will attract the fish. To get some weight so the fly gets down to fish fast I use a Deep Water Tube from Fly Dressing as body on the fly.

Patter Recipe:

Tube: Fl Orange Eumer Large/Clear Eumer Small
Butt: Magic Head R13
First Hackle: Hot Orange American Hen Hackle. Burnt Orange Spey Chickabou Hackle. a bunch of Hot Orange Fox or Polar Bear that should be a bit longer than the hackles. 2 strands of Orange Mirage Flash.
Eyes: JC or Shrimp Eyes
Body: Fly Dressing Copper Deep Water Tube or Copper Tear Drop Tube from Eumer
Front Hackle: Hot Orange American Hen Hackle. Burnt Orange Spey Chickabou Hackle. A couple of Orange Ring Neck Pheasant Hackle.
Wing:  Barred Burnt Orange Zonker. 2 strands of Orange Mirage Flashabou.
Head: Copper Cone Head from Eumer or Fly Dressing.

If you like you can change the body to Burnt Orange SLF Prism mixed with pieces of Copper Flashabou.

The Fly From Behind

söndag 6 februari 2011

Scandinavian Intruders Part 2

Intruders in UV light.

Here's the second part of the Scandinavian Intruders. I have done som of my favorite flies as intruders and hope i can inspire some other tyers in Scandinavia to try this kind of flies in your favorite water this season. Some things i think of when tying these style of flies is to just a cock hackle to help the longer softer hackles to gte some volym even in faster water. Another thing is not to over dress the flies and use to much stiffer materials as the amherst pheasant because then you lose much movment in the fly. 

Akroyd Intruder

Pattern Recipe:

Butt: Eumer Fl Orange Large. A Sunburst Pearl or a ball made of Yellow/Orange Dubbing,
Tail Hackle: Sunburst Yellow Cock Hackle. Ostrich Hackle Sunburnt. 4 strands of Orange Mirage Flash 6-8 Peacock Herls Bleech and Dyed Sunburst Yellow.
Ribb: Opal Mirage Saltwater Flash (stretched) Silver Oval Tinsel on the First half of the body.
Body Hackle: Sunburst Cock Hackle over the Yellow/Orange Dubbing.  Black Ring Neck Pheasant Hackle between the body halfs.
Body: ½ Yellow/Orange Dubbing. ½ Black Wing n’Flash.
Front Hackle/Wing:  A Black Cone Head. Black Soft Hackle. Black Ostrich Hackle.  4 Strands of Gold Mylar Flashabou. 6-8 Black Ostrich Herls. Fibers from Amherst Pheasant dyed Yellow.
Cheeks: JC
Head: Eumer Black Cone Head  
Akroyd is a great allround pattern that works in many rivers all over the world.

Banana Intruder

Pattern Recipe:
Butt: Fl Orange Eumer Large Plastic Tubing. Copper Cone Head or Bead
Tail: Sunburst Yellow Cock Hackle. Sunburst Yellow Marabou. Golden Olive Marabou. 6-8 Sunburst Yellow Peacock Herls (bleeched and dyed) 3-4 Strands of Gold Mylar Flash
Body: Holo Copper Dubbing. Copper Cone Head in front of the dubbing.
Front/Wing: Sunburst Yellow Cock Hackle. Sunburst Marabou or Ostrich Spey Plume. Golden Olive Marabou. 6-8 strands of Sunburst Yellow Peacock Herls. 2 strands of Gliss N’Glow Copper. Yellow Amherst Pheasant Tail Feather Fibers.
Cheeks: JC
Head: Eumer Copper Cone Head size Medium
Banana Intruder is perfect for Humus coloured rivers but i think it will do the job in sunshine in clear water to.

Dark Higlander Intruder

Pattern Recipe:
Butt: Fl Green Eumer Large Plastic Tubing. Gold Cone Head or Bead
Tail: Orange Cock Hackle. Orange Marabou. 4 strands of Olive Mirror Flash. 6-8 Orange Peacock Herls.
Ribb: Gold Mini Flat Braid (Twisted)
Body Hackle: Grizzly Cock Hackle dyed Orange
Body: Burnt Orange Dubbing
Front Hackle/Wing: Grizzly Cock Hackle Orange. Golden Olive Marabou. 6-8 Golden Olive Peacock Herls. 4 strands of Golden Mylar Flash. Green Olive Marabou. Golden Olive Amherst Pheasant Tail Feather.
Cheeks: JC
Head: Gold Eumer Cone Head size Medium.
Dark Highlander have in the last years becomme a new favorite pattern for me and i use it in diffrent size and styles nearly every were i fish.
Soon it's spring in Scandinavia and the rivers will open and i'm sure that soon fish will be caugth on Intruders.

onsdag 2 februari 2011

Scandinavian Intruders Part 1

Scandinavian Intruders

For abouth five years ago I made my first Intruders and tryed then on the Baltic Sea trouts and I got some fish on them but for some reason I just continued tying and fishing one of the patterns that I have made with the same colours like one of my favorites flies The Akroyd. Last year I started to tie some patterns in a style I called "Tarantulas" because they was big and hairy with all there hackles. This Taratulas you can say is a half intruder with just hackle infront of the fly and this patterns also have a body like an ordinary tube flies. After fishing them for awhile with very good results I was keen to try making some Intruders again for the Spring fishing for Sea trout and Salmon here in Sweden. So I started tie Intruder style patterns of my favorite flies and used colours that I know work her in Scandinavia but i have not used the eyes that many of the tyers from USA and Canada use because I wanted a more balanced fly that swimm more side to side the up an down there for i have used one Brass or Tungsten Cone Head or a Bead in the back of the tube and then a second Cone head or Bead as front part of the body. As a head I use the thin brass Cone Heads or Monster Cones from Eumer. I think that more people will try to fish with Intruders here in Scandinavia in the future because they realy fishes and swimms great and are also very fun to tie and quite easy to convert to your favorite pattern.

YOP Intruder

Pattern Recipe: YOP Intruder (Yellow Orange Pink)

Tube: Clear Eumer Small Plastic Tubing

Butt: FL Yellow Eumer Large Plastic Tubing. Silver Cone Head or Bead

Tail Hackle: First a Short Yellow Cock Hackle. Second: A Yellow Marabou Hackle. 6-8 Yellow Peacock Hearls (bleeched and dyed) 2 strands of Yellow Mirror Flash.

Body: Fl Pink Dubbing. After the body ready take a drop of super glue and  then the second Silver Cone Head or Bead and push it tight to the dubbing and cut the tread.

Front Hackle: First a short Orange Cock Hackle. Second a Orange Marabou or Ostrich Hackle. Third a Hot Pink Marabou Hackle. 2 strands of Pink Mirror Flash. 6-8 FL Red Peacock Herls (bleeched and dyed). A buch of FL Fuchsia Amherst Pheasant Tail Fibers spread around the tube

Cheeks: JC

Head: Black Medium Eumer Cone Head or Monster Cone.

How I set up the Tube with Cone Heads or Beads.
 Just change the colours on the cones and beads for diffrent patterns.

Silver Wilkinson Intruder

Pattern Recipe: Silver Wilkinson

Tube: Clear Eumer Small Plastic Tubing

Butt: Fl Pink Eumer Large Plastic Tubing. Silver Cone Head or Bead

Tail Hackle: Magenta Cock Hackle. FL Fuchsia Ostrich Spey Plume. 2 strands of Magenta Mylar Flashabou. 6-8 Fuchsia Peacock Herls (bleeched and dyed)

Ribb: Oval Silver

Body Hackle: Magenta Cock Hackle

Body: Holo Silver Dubbing.  After the body ready take a drop of super glue and  then the second Silver Cone Head or Bead and push it tight to the dubbing and cut the tread.

Front Hackle: Blue Cock Hackle. FL Blue Ostrich Spey Plume. 2 Strands of Pearl Mirror Flash. 6-8 Peacock Herls. A Grizzly Black/White Marabou Hackle

Cheeks: JC

Head: Black Eumer Cone Head or Monster Cone.

YOP in UV light.

End of part one. Stay tuned for part two.