fredag 26 november 2010

Durham Ranger Zonker

Black Ranger Zonker

I have always liked the Ranger flys with there orange/black striped Pheasant Tippet feathers but the original pattern has a wing that i think move to little in the water. So when i got hold of some Tiger Barred Zonker stripes i discover that they will do perfect wings on thise old great patterns. After tying some diffrent Ranger patterns i got to favorites that just not looks good but fishes good to and tht's the Black Ranger and the Durham Ranger. First out is the Black Ranger that works in well on cloudy weather and in coloured water and i tie the both as tube flies and on hooks.

Tag: Oval Silver Tinsel X-small
Butt: Yellow Uni Strech
Ribb: Oval Silver Tinsel Small or Medium
Body: Black Dubbing
Hackle: A Heron or Ring Neck Pheasant Hackle Dyed Black (tie it like a collar before the zonker stripe)
Wing: Tiger Barred Orange/Black Zonker Stripe, Two or Three Strands of Orange Mirage Flashabou
Front Hackle: Blue Soft Hackle
Head: Black Cone Head or Black Varnish.
Cheeks: JC (if you want)
On the Tube version i use Orange/Black Barred Rubber Legs.

I'll use Black Tubing or a Eumer Teardrop Tube on my Black Rangers

In  a short time this fly have become a real killer and maybe it will do the same for you?

torsdag 18 november 2010

GP Zonk

Now it's winter here in Sweden and time to tie some flies for the next season.

My first fly pattern on this blog is the G.P Zonk. This fly is great for spring and autumn fishing for Sea trout in Scandinavia and it will also work well for Salmon and Steelhead to in peaty and humus coloured rivers all over the world. It a moderna version of the famous G.P (General Practioner) and i normaly tie it on tubes but it works as well on E.D hooks and double hooks to.

Tube: Eumer Fluo Orange

Tag: X-Small Oval Gold Tinsel

Tail: Hot Orange Soft Hackle, A bunh of Hot Orange Polar Bear, 2 Strands of Mirage Flash Orange.

Body: Fluo Orange Dubb

Ribb: Small Oval Gold Tinsel (Optinal)

Wing: Tiger Barred Rabbit Zonker Strip Orange, 2 Strands of Mirage Flash Orange

Front Hackle: Firts One Yellow Soft Hackle Tied In Before The Wing, Second A Hot Orange Soft Hackle Tied In As A Collar.

Legs: Barred Orange/Black

Head: Fluo Orange Eumer Cone Head or Fluo Orange Eumer Monster Cone.

Good luck with making this fly and be sure to hold on to your rod when you try it!