söndag 15 april 2012

River Mörrum

Had to great days in River Mörrum with Fly Dressing/Vision boys! We caught around 15 kelts and a clam on a fly. Heres some pics from the trip!

Bauer on the Kings chair
Bergman at work
Bauer is ready for some action
Brunch in the sun
Fish on

110cm Kelt
Peter is playing fish
The King

måndag 9 april 2012

Back in Bucktail... with a twist!

Abouth 15years ago my cat by the name of Orvis pied in my box with Bucktail and I had to trow them away. Bye that time it was all Fox and Temple Dog hair in my flies so I did not bother to buy any new bucktails until two years ago when I wanted some other material than polar bear for building up the wings on my flies. So I'm back in bucktail again. After see Niklaus Bauers stuning Pike flies that he ties with a reversed to get a big translusent fly with lots of movement and with a foundation for all the soft flash material I started the tie in my bucktail pointing forward and the folded back. This technic will give you a light but big fly and that swimms a whole lot diffrent the big bulky fox or TD hair wings that are popular here in scandinavia. The soft fox or TD hair in use with thinner flash materials have tendencie to snug up in the hook and on the leader and you end up loosing half the wing trying to untangle the fly. The Bucktail do not tangle as easy and using with flash materials like Flashabou and Crystal Flash you still got a fly with great volym even in hard curent that won't tangle up so easy. The trick to get a good bucktail flies is of course to buy good quality soft curly summer hair and not the stiff and hard winter hair and not over dress the flies. If you use to much hair the fibers will lock it self and the fly will get stiff, bulky and not swimm as i should. After you tied some flies you will get the right "swung" on them and now you will have a realy good fly that swimms great and will catch you fish. I also tie my bucktails with the Monster Cones from Eumer that add more movment and volym to the fly. So why not try some bucktail flies this season and i don't think you will be disapointed.

tisdag 3 april 2012

Home, Sweet Home River!

-4,3c and the coffe is in the flask and two pairs of long johns are on! Have been waiting from late december last year to start the season in my home river Ljungan. The water temp is just 1,4c so the fish are not moving so much but me and my fishing buddie Mattias K tried some classic spring pools but no fish! We had a nice time anyway in the sun and will try again tomorrow with new flies and fresh coffe!