fredag 28 januari 2011

The 3G Fly with Hidden Cone Body

The 3G with Hidden Cone

This pattern I made for fishing diffrent rivers in Norway in july and august but it also works well on Sea trout  here in Sweden in late april and may when fresh fish starts running the rivers. The name 3G comes from the colours that are called Gul Grön Garry(Yellow Green Garry in english) so there buy the three Gs and I got the idea to the wing from the great old pattern Garry. This version is made with a hidden cone head as body and it gives both weight and volym to the fly when fishing in hard streams. So you can fish these kind of flies in fast water just with a floating line. You can do almost nearly every pattern like hidden cone version and I will present more of these flies before the summer.

How to set up the Tube and Cone Head.

Patter Recipe:

Tube: Small and Medium/Large Plastic Tubing.

Body: Meduim Size Brass Cone Head Copper, Gold, Silver Or Green (Depends on the colour of the water were you fish) If you want a heavier fly use tungsten cones and if you what a lighter fly i recommed Eumer Brass Cone Head that are very light.

Hackle: First a Yellow Soft Hackle tied in After the first Yellow Fox Hair. Second a Green Soft Hackle tied in as a collar after the wing is ready.

Wing: A small bunch of Yellow Fox Body Hair. A few strands of Yellow Wing n'Flash. A bit bigger bunch of Chatreuse Fox Body Hair. A few strands of Chatreuse Wing n'Flash. A bit smaller bunch of Yellow Fox Body Hair and it should be shorter than the green hair.

Cheeks: JC

Head: A small Eumer Cone Head in Copper, Gold, Silver or Green. I use the same colour as the body cone.

The Fly from Behind.

So why not try a 3G Fly this summer or make your own favorite pattern in hidden cone style!

måndag 24 januari 2011

The Dusty Miller Tube

The Dusty Miller Tube

In the middle of the 90ths I was tying classic salmon flies with feather wings but because lack of time and difficulties to get good materials I quit tying them but I have never stop reading abouth them and converting many of the not so usual pattern into new modern flies with hair or zonker wings. Many of the old classic patterns you still see in new hair winged shapes all around the world as the Thunder and Lightning and the Doctor series just to name a few but theres so many pattern from the old days that works great with new material and hair wings like the Dusty Miller. The original Dusty Miller pattern was created in the early years of 1800 and it have been write in abouth in many old books abouth salmon flies. I realy like the colours of this fly so I started to create a modern version and was looking at many old pattern recipe but I fell for Mr Pryce-Tannatts pattern recipe because it had a Golde Olive body hackle and I tought that the colours used in his wing would be great to convert to a hair wing. When I tie my Classic tubes I try to make the body similar to the original but I change much of the material so the pattern gets a more modern touch. Some times I leave out thing like the Golden Pheasant Topping in the tail and other small special material just to get a cleaner look to the fly. And to get the right look on the body I use Eumer Medium Black Tubing then I get the right size on the body and also all of the old patterns made on black hooks so Black tubing looks best i think.

Pattern Recipe: 

Tube: Black Eumer Medium/small combi
Tag: Oval Silver Tinsel. Golden Yellow Floss Silk
Butt: Black Ostrich Herl
Ribb: Twisted Mini Flat Braid Silver
Body: 2/3 Mini Flat Braid Silver. 1/3 Orange Dubbing
Hackle: Golden Olive Soft Hackle tied in after the Yellow  Hair. Front: First a Grizzly Soft Hackle as a collar. Finish off with a Natrual Guinea Fowl Hackle.
Wing:  Brown Fox Hair. 2 strands of GlissN’Glow Silver.  Yellow Fox Hair. Gold Wing N Flash. Red Fox Hair. 2 strands of Orange Mirage Flash. Orange Fox Hair. Orange Wing N Flash.  Fiery Brown Fox Hair.
Cheeks: JC (optional)
Topping: 3 Peacook Herls bleech and dyed Sunburst Yellow.
Head: Black Eumer Cone
The body with a Golden Olive Soft Hackle

So why not try a Dusty Miller for this season and maybe you get a new but old favorite!

torsdag 13 januari 2011

Mörrum Black Dog

Mörrum Black Dog

The Black Dog is a fly that i have used many years and it have become a basic pattern in my boxes. I realy like the black body and that the wing with the black, orange and yellow colours. In this version of the the Dog i have change the colours from Hot Orange and Yellow hair to Burnt Orange and Mörrum Orange Fox hair to get a fly that should work well in humus coloured rivers and also as evening fly in clear rivers.

On this Mörrum version i use the Mörrum Brass Tube from Fly Dressing for the body to get the some more weight to the fly but you can use the Deep Water or Mini Pluppis Tube as well.
From left to right: Deep Water Tube, Mörrum Tube and Mini Pluppis Tube from Fly Dressing.

Pattern Recipe:

Body: Mörrum Tube Black with Black or Orange Large and Medium Clear Plastic Tube.

First Hackle: A Black Ring Neck Phesant or Heron tied in before the Wing.

Wing: 2-4 Strands of Olive Mirror Flash, Black Fox Hair, Orange Wing N'Flash, 2 strands of Orange Mirror Flash, Burnt or Dirty Orange Fox Hair, Gold Wing N'Flash, 2 Strands of Holo Gold Flashabou, Mörrum Orange Fox Hair with 4 strands of Gold Flashabou.

Second Hackle: Black Wolly Bugger Marabou or a big Soft Hackle.

Cheeks: JC (optional)

Head: Black or Gold Cone Head.

I have done some Dogs with Black Cone Head and Black Plastic Tube to hold the hook for Cloudy and rainy days and some with Gold Cone Heads and Flou Orange Plastic tube for Sunny days.
This is how I the body on the fly for sunny days looks.

måndag 3 januari 2011

Willie Gunn Gold

Willie Gunn Gold

Now it's a new fishing year and I would start with a pattern that are a great spring pattern for the most rivers around the world. Black, orange, yellow and gold is a popular colours in flies for Salmon and Sea trout and i think many of you out there have a couple of flies with these colours in your fly boxes. 
When i fished River Spey some years ago i asked the Ghillie on the Beat what fly I should use and his answer was a Willie Gunn with a golden body. And when a friend of mine was going to fish River Tweed earlier this year I made him som Golden Gunns to try. He got four Salmons in one day and also the biggest for the season on the Beat and of course it was on the Willie Gunn Gold. So when I go back to Spey in Mars this year I will have a whole box of Willie Gunn Gold with me just to be sure.

Pattern Recipe:

Tube:Gold Eumer Tear Drop Tube or Gold Body&Cone Tube.
On Plastic Tubes i use Spectra Holo Braid half the Body and Holo Gold Dubbing on the other half.

Hackle: First Hackle a Hot Orange Soft Hackle tied in after the Yellow Fox Hair. Second Hackle Balck Soft Hackle tied in as a collar after the the wing is done.

Wing: Yellow Mirror Flash. Yellow Fox Hair. Hot Orange Fox Hair. Orange Mirror Flash. Black Fox Hair with 4 strands of Peacook Mirror Flash on top.

Sides: JC (optional)

Head: Gold Cone Head.

If you want to tie the flies on hooks use a black or golden one and use Spectra Holo Braid and Holo Gold Dubbing. Use Varnish in Black or Orange for the head.

Soon the first rivers in UK and Ireland will open for the season and if you going to try your luck there maybe you should start the season with a Willie Gunn Gold on the leader.