lördag 23 april 2011

Krobbe Fly

Krobbe Fly

The name "Krobbe" comes from my all time favorite Ice Hockey player Lars Gunnar Lundberg that played for Skellefteå AIK and the colours on there team jersey are black and yellow with tiger stripes on the shoulders. Patterns in these colours are very popular here in Scandinavia and also in Scotland and catch a lot of fish every year. The Krobbe Fly works both in clear and coloured water and I use them in all diffrent sizes from big bulky spring tubes to micro tubes for low water. When i tie this pattern i also uses diffrent bodies like the Teardrop Tubes from Eumer and also Fly Dressing Deep Water, Mörrum and Mini Pluppis tubes to get a heavier fly that slice trough the fastest currents. On the first 2/4 parts of body i first tie in the Yellow Floss Silk then I put a drop of super glue on the floss and wound the Mirage Salt Water Flash over the silk to get a very strong fly that will not be destroyed buy the first chromer teeths that will chew on the fly. The Stripes on top of the wing is made with a permanent marker.

Pattern Recipie:

Tube: Eumer Black Plastic Tubing.

Tread: Yellow

Body: 2/4 Mirage Salt Water Flash over Yellow Floss Silk, 1/4 Golden Yellow Dubbing, 1/4 Black Dubbing.

Wing: Holo Yellow Flashabou, Sunburst Fox Hair, Silver Flashabou, Yellow Wing N'Flash, Black Fox Hair, Yellow Mirage Flash, Sunburst Yellow Fox Hair, Gold Flashabou, Bleech and Dyed Sunburst Yellow Peacock Herl. Striped with a Black Permanet Marker Pen.

Hackle: First Hackle a Yellow Sunburst Yellow Whiting Chickabou. Secomd Hackle a Black Whiting Chickabou or Wolly Bugger Marabou.

Sides: Sunburst Yellow JC

Head: Yellow Eumer Cone Head.

Krobbe Tubes