torsdag 9 juni 2016

Stocking fish in River Harmånger in Sweden!

A nice Youtube clip about the work that Harry and all other people in Strömgruppen are doing in River Harmånger. It was realy fun to get the chance to be part of the release of the parrs.

söndag 5 juni 2016

Skjern Å Lystfiskeri Festival 2016

On the last weekend in may I was invited to Skjern Å Lystfiskeri Festival in Denmark to tye flies and show some skagit casting. Me and my wife Kicki did arrive to Skarilld and our rented cottage already on thursday just to get some time to fish River Skjern and some shopping also. Had never before fished any one of the Danish rivers and the fishing there is not anything that I'm used to but did think it was intresting and will sure get back next year to try get a fish also.
Early morning.
The Festival started on Saturday morning and ended of Sunday afternoon. It was realy well organized by Nils Mogens Svalebøg and the other guys from the Angling Club in 1929 and a big thanks for the invite. 

Working on a fly.
Did meet some great people like my good friend Mattias Drugge (Hardy) Stuart, Silja and Lasse from Baltic Fly Fisher, Claus with family from Skagit Anglers, Bjarne Laursen, Ali Hutchins from Scotland, Kim Sørensen (Hardy/Future Fly) Allan Kuhlman Hansen, Klaus Fløe Kristensen, Lars Munk, Bo and Søren from Korsholm and lots of other great fly tyers and fishermens. On Thursday we visited Korsholm tackle shop that are close to heaven for a fly tyers. On Friday morning we took the car up to Ulstrup to meet Mr Pro Sportfisher him self Morten Bundgaard and a big thanks for materials and coffe.

Evening by the river

Korsholm Tackle Shop

Some candy from Pro Sportfisher

Two brown and Sunburst flies

Back from morning fishing

The sign in Skarilld