söndag 9 juni 2013

A day and night in River Lögde!

My daughter Angelica and I went for area yearly trip to River Lögde in Västerbotten here in Sweden. We had not planed anything and had three rivers to choose but after visiting the fishing tackle shop at Naturkompaniet in Övik we decided to go to River Lögde. We started to fish in Norrfors and had a pull on the fly there but no more so we changed pools and tried some different pools before we felt that the sandman had put all his sand in our eyes and we had to sleep. In the morning there was raining for two hours then the sun broke through the colds and it got hot as hell but we fished for a couple of hours before we packed down our rods and went home again. Both Angelica and I think Lögde is a real nice river and we will go back there in a couple of weeks to do some Sea trout fishing.