onsdag 21 november 2012

A nice day by the river!

The 21th of November and +8c in the air so it was a perfect day for fishing Sea trouts! I meet my buddie Marcus at the river around 8:00 and we tackled up our rods and started to fish. Not much happend trough the day until Marcus hooked up with a nice 2,5kg sea trout that gave him a nice fight! It was Marcus first ever Sea trout in River Ljungan but it won't be his last I got a feeling abouth! When the sun set behind there threes we decided to call it for the day. It was a great day anyway even if not the fishing were at it's best but when the weather is so good it's just nice to be out and meet friends on the river bank before the winter realy kicks in here!

lördag 10 november 2012

Storm & Sea trouts!

On wednesday I got up early to go down to Ljusne again for some Sea trout fishing. When I looked out my bedroom window the threes was realy shaking in the strong winds so for a moment I was thinking abouth going back to bed again. After a cup of coffe I decided to go down to Ljusne anyway so I took my Vision Cult 13,8 #9 that works great in windy conditions and left my single hand skagit rig at home. Normaly I use both the 13,4 #7 Siks and Cult when fishing in Ljusne but also the 11,6 #7 GT Four and the 12,6 #6 Cult I use there and all loaded with Vision Ace Skagit heads.

After an 1.5 hour drive I pull in to the gas station and bought a dayticket and 2 minutes later I was down on the parking lot to Ljusne Fiskeklubbs beats. I jumped into my vaders and could start to fish right away in the middle pool called Goudes. The wind was now realy nasty but with the fown stream c-spey I got out the line in the water. Started to fish with the 13,4 Siks with a Bacon Roll Squidtruder on my leader and had one offer right away but nothing more. It was realy cold in the wind so after a cup of coffe in the fishing hut I waded out again.
Got one smaller Sea trout around 1kg right away in great that was released then I had to go to the hut again for some more coffe. Changed rod to the 13,8 with a heavier tip and had a fish right away but it came off. Two casts later I had a bite on the Bacon Roll cascade so I checked the fly and hook before trying again and bang... a better fish had taken the fly and after a nice fight I could return a 2kg bar of silver!
Waded out again and caught a smaller fish right away. By now my fingerwas realy cold so I had some more coffe to warm up my frozen body. Was sitting in the hut before I waded out in the river again and lost two right away and one of them feelt to be a bigger fish. Continued down pool and hooked up with 2 Sea trouts around 1kg then the fishing got slower with just some pulls on my flies.

After a shorter lunch break the light seams diffrent so i changed pattern from the orange/black BR to the Purple BT Intruder shrimp on the 13,4 Siks and caught two smaller Sea trouts right away. Now it was getting colder in the air and the sun started to go down but I decided to fish on for an hour before calling it the day. I had tied on a Smör-Saari tube on my 13,8 Cult and went in the water again. I fished down the pool but did not even have the smallest pull so when I had just two or three casts before I was at the end of the pool I had realy good offer but did not hook up. Took two more steps down and did another cast and fish on!
Feelt right away it was a heavier fish that was a real fighter and gave my a good fight. It was a colored fish around 3kg in great condition that I could take some pictures of before releasing it back into the river!

Buy now I had landed 8 Sea Trouts and lost at least 5 fishes so I was very pleased with my day! But decided to fish the pool one more time before going home. After 10-15 casts I was in to a nice fish so I started to get back to the bank and started to reel in the fish it made a run and came off... Went in the water again but had no more contact with any fish this day. I packed my stuff in the car and went home to take a long hot shower as I was chilled to the bone buy this time.

fredag 2 november 2012

Nice to fish again!

Yesterday I did my first Sea trout fishing after I smashed my finger in the car door and it was fun even that it was crowded in Ljusne.

Picked up my good friend and fishing buddie Pelle around 07:45 and went to get are daytickets at the local gas station. There were many fishermens at the short fishable part of River Ljusnan on Ljusne Sportfiskeklubbs water.

We tackled up our rods and my choice for the day was Cult and Siks 13,4 7 with diffrent sink tips on the end of my skagit heads. Pelle had some fish on the on the first session and I had no contact so we changed pool and I list a bigger fish and had a couple of offers on my fly.
We then fished the upper pool and Pelle had a real good strike on his fly but nothing more from that pool. Just before lunchtime the wind changed and the fishing got slow but later in the afternoon the fishing picked up again and I had at least 5-6 fishes hitting the fly before I finaly caught a small Sea trout with some teeth marks from a seal. We fished on for an hour before we put down our rods and went to eat some hotdogs insted!

Even that Ljusne not is the nicest place to fish and there were many fishermens in the pools did I have a nice day. My finger started to hurt a bit in the afternoon but its just three weeks ago since my doctor stiched it back in one piece again!