fredag 22 maj 2015

It's hard to loose your best fishing buddie!

Last autumn I lost my best fishing buddie Bubblan! She did just get 3,5 years old and after getting sick and the vets had done all they could do but she did no respond to the treatment we had to put her to sleep, R.I.P little friend.

We had many funny fishing trips together so I get a tear in my eye but also a smile on my face thinking back on them. As a Chinese crested dog with not so much fur  I had to get her "fishing clothes" also but when to wet or cold she had to stay home and I can tell she was not happy with that. I usualy put my fishing clothes in the halway the night before going fishing and normaly Bubblan did sleep in the bed with me but the night before a fishing trip she sleept on my jacket and waders so she wouldn't miss the fishing. After awhile I did start put her "fishing clothes" with mine and then she could go to bed knowing that she also was going fishing.

One of the first times we did go fishing she was just a puppy and It was a cold early morning in september. We went to one of my favorite autumn pools in search for Sea trouts and after just a few casts a had I realy good pull and just after that 3 realy nice size fish showed them self so it feelt like it was a good chance to get a decent fish. After trying to get the fish to bite again I decided to let it rest for a moment and take some coffee to calm my nerves when Bubblan sundely took a jump straight out in the river and I had to pull her up. I had a small towel in my back pack for drying my hands after releasing fish that I used to try get her dry but it was to small and her fleece jacket was soaking wet. I must try to get the dog warm again but also try at least a couple of cast before heading home, so what to do then? I took of my under shirt anf fleece sweather and wrapped the dog in then just like a little baby and then put her in my waders with just her nose sticking out and put on my fishing jacket over my bare shoulders... and yes, it was cold with a wet dog against your chest but at least I did get to do around 10 more casts before heading back to the car still with the dog in my waders I did drive home! We did not get any fish that day and after that I did always bring a bigger towel and a extra sweather for Bubblan also. She did not jump in the river no more after that and we had many hours together on the river with all diffrent crazy things happening but it all ended to soon and I will always miss my little fishing buddie!

One day you and I will fish together again!

Rest in peace Bubblan!

onsdag 20 maj 2015

Flugfisketsdag i Bergeforsen sön 24/5

På söndag 24/5 mellan 09:00-17:00 är det Flugfisketsdag i Bergeforsen Indalsälven. Bla Hardy med Mattias Drugge, Vision och en hel del andra märken är på plats!

måndag 11 maj 2015

The Easy Sqiud

It's been a long time since I could post a fly pattern on my blogg but now I'm back with the Easy Squid pattern. 

Have had the idea to make a easy to tie pattern for a long time because I normaly goes"over kill" when tying my flies always adding some extra material just to please my own eyes and I think it's both good and bad. Good: I get a fly pattern I realy have confidence in when fishing. Bad: It takes more time to tie the fly and when fishing T-tips in logg and stone filled rivers you will snag and loose a bunch of flies in a days fishing. In some pools when I know that I must get down realy deep but also knows that I can or probly will snag the bottom I may not use chose my best looking flies that I realy know works and I love to fish but insted use a fly that I may NOT WANT to use for the moment but I don't will spill any tears when loosing it. So not using the "right" style of fly I will fish the pool with less confidence and maybe not catch the Silver from my dreams.

The Easy Squid is not realy a "Squid" pattern but if you hold it vertical it will look quite like a small squid but in the water it will look and behave like a bait fish.They are realy "Easy" and simple to tie and now a days there's so many diffrent brands of Sili legs on the market so it's no problemo to convert any of your favorite patterns to a Easy Squid. For example you can take a bait fish pattern and use the pearl shimmering legs for belly, silver or gold legs on the side and black with silver or green flakes the back of the fly or why not transform a classic salmon fly to rubber version? I tie the fly in two diffrent sizes, one bigger and a smaller but always the same bead as body.

When fishing the Easy Squid I use a loop knot and I some times slide on a piece of plastic tube as a hook guide. Fish the fly on a normal swing or let it just free drift trough the pools as the Sili legs will get the fly lot of movment.

You can always add some extra materials like a hackle and also some Amhearst fibers just to get it to look more like a more "normal" Intruder style of fly.But just a brass bead, fake JC, Sili legs, disc cone and... Boom! It's ready to fish!

Pattern recepie: Rapala version

Tube: Fl Orange Small plastic tube 

Body: 5,5mm Gold Brass bead

Eyes: Large Orange Pro Fisher  JC subs.

Wing: 8-12 Sili legs (big fly = more legs)

Head: A Disc Cone 

First time on the river this season!

Yesterday I feelt it was time to go down to the river and see how my body would react to some fishing and it went quite good. So back on track I will try fish more and more now in may and june. Also it was fun to see how the Easy Squids preformed in the water and I can say the did realy moove just like I wanted. Will upload an article about them this week.

onsdag 10 september 2014

Nutria Zonkers

Been doing some flies over the last couple of weeks using Nutria zonker stripes combined with spun fox hair. More flies and a how to tie then will come soon.


onsdag 30 april 2014

New (or old) posts are comming up in the next few days!

In the next few days I will put up some old blog posts not yet finished that my extra writing help is trying to re write and put the right pics to. So keep your eyes open quase its some nice posts on fly fishing and fly tying.

måndag 28 april 2014

The blog is not dead...

After I got ill and have to spend some time at the hospital I have not been abel to write or for that sake tie flies and fish either so thats why nothing have happend here since last summer. Hopefuly I will be doing some fishing and tie some flies again soon, not so much that I want but its better than nothing at all. To get the blog back up running I will get a coworker help me.

Screaming reels!