torsdag 7 april 2016

Harmångersån - A beautiful little river!

River Harmånger or Harmångersån meets the sea in the small village of Strömsbruk on the east coast of Sweden. Its a small river and the Sea trouts can reach realy goods size with fish over 90cm caught and realesed (it's just C&R and only single hooks allowed) so they can come back to spawn. The main part of the fishing is in the spring because it's a spate river and when the snow melts now in April the fish that stayed in the river over the winter starts to move down to the sea and new spring Sea trouts will enter the river. The river has the pontecial to be one of the most productive smaller rivers in Sweden but at the moment the fish can just migrate 1,5km up to  the first dam. There are a group of people working hard and doing a realy good work to restore spawing grounds both down stream and upstream the first dam. Hopefuly the first dam will be gone in a near future and in a couple of years the fish will have 50-60km more river to run and find new spawing grounds.

Here is some pics from the some of the lovely pools down i Strömsbruk. It' s well worth a visit in April and you have a chance to hook up with big Sea trout.

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