måndag 18 april 2016

The Sea trout and The Shrimp

 C&R on a 65cm Sea trout 
 Had two nice days on the River Harmånger with three Sea trouts caught, two fish that came off and also some pulls on the fly. On the the third or fourth cast on friday morning I hooked up with a 75cm Sea trout that gave me a good fight and made my Hardy Bouglé scream a little bit. I had a new fly pattern at the end of my leader that did the trick and it always fun when a new fly delivers fish. The fly was a Shrimp pattern in peach colors and made with composite loops. Did loose one bigger fish that was on for maybe 5 seconds then after a cup of coffe and a short rest in the sun I did hook up with the second fish for the day. It was a realy good take and the fish went airbourne three time and did a good work bending my rod. After a while I could release a 65cm Sea trout and say thanks for the fight. After the second fish I was realy pleased and packed my stuff in the caar and went home.

Early on Sunday morning I was back on the river again and did fish for some hours with just a pull or two before I waljed further down the river to a pool I never fished before. I started to cast and with just my Commando skagit head and a couple of meters of shooting line I had the first very gentle pull on my Hares ear and brown shrimp fly but no fish on. Did some more cast at the same spot but the fish refused to take the fly again. I started to cast longer line into a realy bad wind and maybe after 5 meters of wading down the pool I got fish on. After a nice fight I could release another 65cm Sea trout and then I went up river again to try some pools but no more fish and by now there many people fishing the river so I decided to call it the day.

65cm Sea trout with a Peach Shrimp

A bunch of Shrimps

From the top: Olive shrimp, Hares ear and brown, Grey heron and rainbow.

The river

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