söndag 4 september 2011

The Pain Reliever Tube Fly

the Pain Reliever

The pain Reliever is my latest pattern that came from my vise and I'm very pleased with it as it came out exactly like I wanted it to. The idea to this patter I got from a tube of pain relieving gel with just these colours and there by the name.. Pain Reliever. After some thinking and putting all the colours of the materials together on my fly tying table it all came in place at the first try. Many times I need to make acouple of test flies before I get satisfied with the wing, body or something else before I tie it on the leader for a swimm in the river. I will fish this fly in early mornings, in slightly coloured water and as a good weather fly in clear rivers. I'm sure that the Pain Reliever will give me a adrenalin rush when a big Sea trout strikes the fly and take off down stream like a freight train and leave me on the bank with a bent rod and a screaming reel.

Pattern recipe:

Tread: Orange Bennichi 14/0

Tube: Eumer Blue Plastic Tube in Large and Small combi.

Body: 1/2 Silver Mini Flatbraid 1/2 Holo Silver Dubbing

Hackle: First a Sunburst Soft Hackle tied in after the Bucktail. Second a Craw Fish Orange Soft Hackle tied in in front of the wing as a collar.

Wing: A bunch of Grey or White Bucktail Hair tied in forward and folded backwards, Two strands of Silver Holo Flashabou, Then three small bunches of Fox Hair in this order: Sunburst, Yellow/Olive and last Craw Fish Orange.

Topping: Two strands of Holo Orange Flashabou and Three Straws of Orange Peacook Hearls.

Cheeks: Blue JC

Head: Blue Eumer Monster Cone or Blue Cone Head.