onsdag 27 juli 2011

Skagit Mist Zonker Tube

Skagit Mist Zonker Tube

The Skagit Mist pattern is realy a Akroyd were you swapped the yellow/orange to red but it's a real great looking pattern and it will work perfect on are Baltic Sea trouts here in Sweden and as a autumn fly for many of the Scottisch rivers. Black and red flies has always worked great here in are Swedish rivers with patterns like Black Doctor, Red Butt, Glödhäck and my own pattern The Red Ass Tarantula. The White Zonker Wing make a great contrast to the red and black even in dark waters. I also tyed in Yellow JC feathers to add some more "spice" to the fly. On the fly on the picture I have also changed the front hackle from Teal to Guinea Fowl but still use Teal for my bigger tubes. I will fish this pattern in the evenings and early morning and later when autumn comes I will put it on the leader any time at day. 

Pattern recipe:

Tube: Eumer Red in large/small or medium/xsmall combination

Body: 1/2 Red Dubbing, 1/2 Black Dubbing

Ribb: Silver Tinsel. On the realy small tubes i don't have any ribb at all but on the bigger ones I can use both Flat and Oval tinsel over both body halfs.

Hackle: First a Red Soft Hackle between the body parts, Second a bunch of Ostrich Hearl twisted in a dubbing loop and tied in like a hackle. Third a Guinea Fowl or Teal Hackle as a collar.

Wing: White Rabbit Zonker Stripe tied in before the Ostrich, 2 strands of Holo Fuchsia Flashabou tied in on the side of the wing

Cheeks: Yellow JC feathers

Head: Eumer Red Monster or Cone Head.

fredag 22 juli 2011

The White Winged Akroyd Zonker

I have had the idea for this pattern in my head for a very long time now but last night it finaly took some time tying it! The Akroyd pattern has always been  a favorite and I have fished it in diffrent styles with great succse. The Orange, Yellow, Black and White or Brown will suit nearly every Salmon, Sea trout and Steelhead river in the world. In the past I have tied the White Winged version in the classic Dee Stripe wing style and also the original Akroyd with a cinnamon colored wing and have always liked the brown winged version the best but with zonker wing I must say the white one looks much better. I think this Zonker version came out nice and will fill an empty spot in my fly box.

Pattern Recipie:

Tube: Fl Orange Eumer large/small combo

Body: Mirage Salt Water Flash over the first 1/2 of the body. Black Dubbing on the second 1/2 of the body. In smaller size i just have the FL Orange tube as the first 1/2 of the body.

Hackle: First a Yellow Whiting Soft Hackle between the body parts. Start with à Black Ostrich Spey Plume or a big Whiting Soft Hackle before the wing. After the wing tie in a Black and White Grizzly Hackle as a collar.

Wing: White Rabbit Zonker Stripe. 2 strands of Yellow Mirage Flash on top of the Zonker wing.

Head: Black Eumer Cone Head or Monster Cone.

Why not try to tie a White Winged Akroyd for your self and maybe you will get a new favorite for the Chromers in our rivers all over the world.

torsdag 21 juli 2011

River Byske pictures

I had a great time on the Byske river even that I didn't caught any Sea trouts or Salmon this time. Had one strike on the fly and I also landed a Pike the last night of fishing. I will go back later this autumn to try catch some Sea trouts in this stunning river and to fish with my good friends Stig Lundgren and Carina Wallin.

Heres some pics from the beatiful River Byske.
The "Iron Salmon"

In the middle of the Byske village

The fish ladder on the south side in Fällfors

The Observatory in Fällfors

Smoke on the water!

söndag 17 juli 2011

River Byske part2

After just fishing at night and have had a couple of fishes chasing My flies I had a fish om for a second or two this morning. The water level is slowly dropping but with cold nigits the water temp dropps to. Tonight i will try some new pools and hope for a take.

torsdag 14 juli 2011

Fishing in River Byske part1

Fished some diffrent pools in River Byske last night. The water level is low and the temp is very warm 19c but i hope it will drop after a Cold night. I had one strike on my red ass tarantula tube last night but the fish didnt want to play with me!

Tonight i will try again and hope to hook up with a big fat Sea trout.
The Salmon monument in Byske

söndag 10 juli 2011

The Red Ass Tarantula Squid

This pattern is a mix between my Tarantula flies and Scott Howells outstanding Squidro pattern. This pattern i have made for night fishing for Sea trouts and Salmon here in Scandinavia but the patter will sure work for Steelhead to. The idea was that I wanted to have a light fly on a tube with lots of movment and not using Marabou or Ostrich spey hackles that gets worn to fast after been fished hard for some time. If I want to out some weight to the fly theres is no problem just use Tungsten Coneheads or Eyes.
The Red Ass Tarantula Squid

 Pattern Recepie:

Tube: Eumer Red Large and Small Combi

Body: 1/2 Just the tube or Mirage Salt Water Flash. 1/2 Peacook Black Dubbing (twisted in a dubbing loop) 

Wing: 5-10 Black/Red Fire Tip Sili Legs tied in in two bunches, one on top and one under the tube (How many depends on the size of the fly)

Front Hackle: First Hackle: Black Opposum (twisted in a dubbing loop) Second Hackle: Black Ring Neck Pheasant.

Cheeks: JC

Head: Red Eumer Monster Cone or Cone Head (Tungsten or Brass)