söndag 12 juli 2015

OPST Commando Skagit Heads - A "Pure Skagit" Revolution

The brand new OPST Commando skagit heads are finaly on the market and I got a 450gr from Skagit Anglers in Denmark. OPST is a brand that Jerry French and Ed Ward have started and they make great products for skagit fishing and flytying. The line is designed by Ed Ward and he realy knows what his doing as he was one of the guys alongside others that did invent skagit casting back in the 90ths.
The Commando heads are very easy to cast and comes in the range of 150-475gr (10-30g) and  in lenghts between 12" - 18" (3,6 - 5,5m) so it is a short line but not just like any other short skagit heads on the market that I have tried over the year because this is something else. The are designed to be used with MOW tips but the works just great with other tips from Intermediate to T-tips in diffrent grades. Have tested my 450gr head on diffrent rods from 13,4#7 down to 10" Switch but at the moment my favorite set up is my 12,6#6 Cult rod that I think is a match made in heaven (or hell, if you prefere) for lighter Skagit casting. Claus at Skagit Anglers have used his Echo DHII 12,6" #6,5 with Commando and just loved that set up.The short head turns over the tips easy and no problems to fish with a 12,5" T-10 and big flies. I used a 15" Sink 3 tip on my 13,4" and it did turn over my flies well but I think it works best on rods under 13" and that just what the line are designed for.
Have fished the line for 4 days now and I realy love the way it preforms in all diffrent situations and my daughter Ello have used it and think it was very easy to cast with. I can realy recommend OPST Commando if you look for a short and light skagit head. Go to Skagit Anglers shop http://skagitanglers.com/ to order yours!