onsdag 10 september 2014

Nutria Zonkers

Been doing some flies over the last couple of weeks using Nutria zonker stripes combined with spun fox hair. More flies and a how to tie then will come soon.


onsdag 30 april 2014

New (or old) posts are comming up in the next few days!

In the next few days I will put up some old blog posts not yet finished that my extra writing help is trying to re write and put the right pics to. So keep your eyes open quase its some nice posts on fly fishing and fly tying.

måndag 28 april 2014

The blog is not dead...

After I got ill and have to spend some time at the hospital I have not been abel to write or for that sake tie flies and fish either so thats why nothing have happend here since last summer. Hopefuly I will be doing some fishing and tie some flies again soon, not so much that I want but its better than nothing at all. To get the blog back up running I will get a coworker help me.

Screaming reels!