måndag 3 september 2012

5 rainy days on River Lainio

Was going to fish the last days of the season in Norway and River Gaula but in short notice I changed my plans to go up to the most northern parts of Sweden insted to fish the River Lainio with my good friends Pelle, Kalle and Greven. After a 10 hour drive I arrived in Kiruna and then we packed are tackle and other gear and said goodbye to civilasation for 5 days. We put up our base camp at the river bank and the master chef Kalle made some dinner for us and we had a drink our two before we went to sleep.

Kalle and I woke up early and started fishing upstream the camp. I had some nice size graylings and Kalle caught the first salmon for the trip. After breakfast Pelle and I caught our first Salmons on our rods. The weather was terrible with rain and hurricane winds but we did are best to get the flies out in the river. In the afternoon we decided to break up camp and move to another place. We drifted in our boats for some hours until we got to the place were we would put up our camp but then it was already dark and after a late dinner we crawled in are sleepingbags.

The next morning it still was raining and the river had rise a few cm so the fishing was a bit slow but we all had contact with fish and I got my biggest fish on trip.

So It continues with rain, fishing and top class food all trough the trip.

The last day the weather got worse and after paddling 10 hours in hurricane winds and rain we finaly meet up with are driver Putte and he had a cooler filled with ice cold beer ready for us. At the pick up point.

We all had a couple of Salmons and lost some fish as well. Greven that never had fished with spey rods for salmon did a great job learning to cast in difficult conditions and hooked up his first ever salmon, a 10kg fish!

I had a realy great time and thanks to my fishing buddies that made this trip a memory for life!