fredag 22 juli 2016

2 days of fishing in Norway

Me and my oldest daughter Ello have decided to go to Norway for some salmon fishing (and some shopping too). So we crossed the border on monday afternoon and reched our destination Steinkjer early in the evening. We decided to start our fishing thuesday morning so we did just hanged out in our cabin at the camp site rigging up our rods and reels and also did a short shopping trip to the AMFI Center in the city so everbody was pleased. We did also walk down to the pools below the camp site and had a chatt with the some friendly local fishermen that told us about the conditions and were to fish and not to fish as the water was very low because the lack of rain.

We started our fishing the next morning and the weather was realy sunny but a wind from the Atlantic ocean did keep the temperature down.
We fished the pool a couple of times and had some pulls on our flies but nothing more so we went to our cabin for lunch and a siesta.

Later in the evening after a late dinner we went down to the river again and there were four local fly fishermens that told us that they they seen some salmons running the pool earlier in the evening but none of them had any offers. We started to fish with smaller black flies and when it got darker we changed to bigger black zonker flies and did fish until 01:30 but had no offers so we went to our cabin to get some sleep.

Next morning we went up early to fish and it was cloudy and the air temp was nice and cold but no bites on our flies all morning so after lunch we put the rods on the car and went down stream to try some other pools. The weather did change in the afternoon and the clouds vanished and the river level had dropped 20-30cm during the day. Both Ello and I had fish pulling our flies but they did not want to bite properly even that we tried all tricks in the book so we went back to the cabin and some snacks.

After looking at the weather forecast that did say +30c in the shade we decided to break up camp and drive back home to Sweden after a good nights sleep. We can say we was beaten by the weather but will try to go back later this summer if there comes rain so the river rises and get more fresh salmons from the sea running the pools.

Fishing is not all about catching fish so we hade a realy great time anyway and Ello is a realy good flycaster/flytier and got a bright future in the sport.

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